The Walsrode Industrial Park features all the location benefits of a modern site while nevertheless having preserved a palpable sense of its own history. Already created in 1815 as an industrial location, it is now positioned within a modern industrial structure with a wide product, infrastructure and service spectrum.

Since 2007, The Dow Chemical Company owns the Industrial Park Walsrode. In addition to Dow, other globally active companies are operating from here: Bayer, Wipak, CaseTech and EuropeMatch are among them.

Empty industrial sites

The area covering 130 ha and about 2600 employees results in a competitive that is both manageable and adjustable.

Whole Chemistry Others
300 ha* 130 ha 300 ha
*) Total area for industrial production.

Energy, Water, Waste & Exhaust Air

Ranging from the adequate supply with electricity and natural gas, vapour and pressurised air, drinking water and process water purification to the modern treatment plant and exemplary waste management – all the characteristics of a great location can be found here.

Central energy supply
vapour energy natural gas pressurised Air hydrogen
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drinking water desalinated water central wastewater biological treatment plant other
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waste treatment plant intermediate waste storage landfill other
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Air Purification and Fractionation
emission treatment plant air fractionation: nitrogen air fractionation: oxygen air fractionation: noble gases
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Large, globally active and many small and medium-sized companies are headquartered at the Walsrode Industrial Park. Production focuses around cellulose derivates for construction applications, printing inks and paints, pharmaceutical and food; as well as plastic films for medicinal applications, technology and packaging.

Core Production

Cellulose chemistry, thermoplastic elastomeric foils, expanded polypropylene foils, synthetic- and cellulose fibrous casings (sausage casings)

Personnel and training

The on-site partner for basic and continued training, AF Personalpartner, is one of the largest personnel service providers in Northern Germany. It is known for its quality of training well beyond the region. The companies of the Industrial Park are furthermore in continuous contact with the surrounding schools – ranging from primary to high schools – and including one Waldorf and several vocational schools.

Promotion of economic development

The Walsrode Industrial Park is a recognised economic partner in the region. As partner and promoter of regional economic promotion, it is a founding member of the Deltaland economic initiative (see also: and maintains sustained collaborations via diverse networks:

  • with the regional economy,
  • with the region and the local authorities,
  • with the Land Government of Lower Saxony,
  • with chambers of commerce and industry,
  • with chambers of crafts and trade associations.

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The Walsrode Industrial Park features all the location benefits of a modern site while nevertheless having preserved a palpable sense of its own history. Already created in 1815 as an industrial location, it is now positioned within a modern...
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Helma Spöring

Helma Spöring

ChemCoast is a network of innovative industrial locations. Walsrode Industrial Park in Bomlitz is a strong node in this partner network.

Helma Spöring Mayor of Bomlitz