With 2,000 hectares reserved for industrial use, the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel is the largest industrial area in Schleswig-Holstein. For more than 50 years, companies of the chemical and oil industry, energy producers and logisticians work and deal here. They all profit from the strategic location at both the Elbe and Kiel Canal as well as the vicinity of the dynamic Hamburg Metropolitan Region. More than 12,500 jobs in the region are influenced by the local companies - more than 4,000 of these directly in Brunsbüttel.

The ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel provides a fully developed infrastructure. The plots are depicted as Industrial Area in the land utilisation plan, standing ready even for large scale projects. Moreover, the partner companies offer a variety of services: From fire brigades and security services to facility management and analytics, all manner of facilities are being provided. Thus investment and operating costs may be reduced considerably.

One of the main advantages of Brunsbüttel are her multi-purpose ports which provide intermodal logistic services. At the two canal- and one river-ports primarily oil, gases and chemical products but also containers and project-loads as well as bulk materials are being handled. The Elbehafen provides a draft of 14,80m and is suitable for sea going vessels of up to 100,000tdw.

The ChemCoast Park covers the industrial area in Brunsbüttel but also partner companies in Glückstadt, Lägerdorf, Friedrichskoog and Hemmingstedt.

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Available Plots

The economic region of Brunsbüttel covers more than 2,000 ha and has a fully developed infrastructure; it lies between the busy maritime routes of the Elbe and the Kiel-Canal.

Whole Chemistry Others
300 ha* 200 ha 100 ha
*) available plots for industrial purposes

Energy, Water, Waste & Exhaust Air

Brunsbüttel is fully integrated into the European power and gas network. The nuclear power plant in Brokdorf also ensures a reliable local power supply. Steam, refrigeration compressed air and nitrogen are provided reliably and economically from existing plants in the park. Refrigeration, industrial water and drinking water are also available at a cost effective level. Modern, efficient disposal plants provide state-of-the-art solutions to any environmental issues.

Central Power Supply
steam electricity natural gas compr. Air hydrogen
ja ja ja ja ja
industrial water drinking water desalinated water central waste water system organic water treatment facility miscellaneous
ja ja ja ja ja ja
waste treatment plant temporary waste storage disposal site miscellaneous
ja nein nein ja
Purification or Fractionation of the Air
exhaust air purification facility fractionation of the air: nitrogen fractionation of the air: oxygen fractionation of the air: inert gases
ja ja ja ja


Isocyanates, organic and inorganic intermediates, organic colorant intermediates, textile dyes, technical fatty alcohols, plasticizers, aluminium oxide hydrates and aluminium oxides, high purity alumina for catalyst production, ammonia, urea, sulphur, argon, bitumen, mineral oil, ethylene, propylene.
Suitable product areas: Oleochemical industry, surfactant manufacturers

Personnel and training

Education, apprenticeship and further education are important issues in Brunsbüttel. There are various education facilities in the region which effectively support the learning process. The facilities range from kindergartens to primary schools and all forms of further education to vocational colleges, and the Heide university of applied sciences.

Business Development

The business development agency egeb is the first port of call for everyone interested in the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel. We support your business interests through: Introduction to the local companies, real estate support, infrastructural services, or advice regarding governmental subsidies.

Your contact:
Dr. Jesko Dahlmann
Phone:04852 8384-12
Fax: 04852 8384-30
E-Mail: dahlmann [at]

ChemCoast Locations

  • Brunsbüttel
  • Lingen
  • Stade
  • Walsrode
  • Wilhelmshaven

With 2,000 hectares reserved for industrial use, the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel is the largest industrial area in Schleswig-Holstein. For more than 50 years, companies of the chemical and oil industry, energy producers and logisticians work and...
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Standort Features

Martin Schmedtje

Martin Schmedtje

The umbrella brand ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel raises the profile of the Brunsbüttel economic area and of the entire region in an outstanding way, both nationally and internationally.

Joint marketing attracts more companies, creates jobs and preserves prosperity.

Martin Schmedtje Mayor of the city of Brunsbüttel