Lingen (Ems) profits from a strong young and growing region. Here companies find ideal living conditions for their employees and find excellent educational institutions for their future professional forces: The college, the institute of binary studies and the vocational schools of the town. In addition, the location offers an excellent infrastructure including sidings for the railway connection and waterway connection with the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal – and everything without overhead-costs of a closed park.

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Free industry surfaces and trade surfaces

The IndustriePark Lingen provides above approx. 150 ha of new industry surfaces and trading surfaces with adaptable and modular property subdivision. Up to 33 ha of related surface are feasible.

The framework, prepared in interdisciplinary cooperration of diverse specialised field planners, persuses the target to promote the developing potentials of the already settled companies, as well as to eliminate or avoid any future conflicts of utilization.

Successfully ! On base of this framework are during the last 3 years more than 1 milliard € by the companies in the IndustriePark Lingen invested and keep more than 3000 highly qualified employees busy.

General suvey
Entire Chemistry Other
150 ha*    
*) Free surfaces for industrial production.

Energy – Water – Waste – Outgoing air

The media care in the IndustiePark Lingen fulfils the highest claims. The IndustriePark disposes of the most modern tele-communication infrastructure with fiberglass binding. As an energy location the IndustriePark can guarantee electricity and steam care in all achievement spectra by the settled RWE power stations. Moreover, guaranteed about various natural gas pipelines an optimum gas care. Water supply and waste water disposal is also offered for the highest standards.

For every individual requirement highly competitive infratructure partners are on-site, without the needs for levying of any compulsory contributions at the IndustriePark.

Central Power Supply
Steam Electricity Natural Gas Compressed Air Hydrogen
Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Company water Drinking water Desalinated water Central sewage system Biological sewage plant The other
Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Waste management plant Waste temporary storage Disposal site The other
ja ja ja nein
Cleaning or fractioning of the air
Outgoing air cleansing arrangement Fractionation of the air: Nitrogen Fractionation of the air: Oxygen fractionation of the air: Noble gases
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Production and production main focuses

As decades of location of an oil refinery of the worldwide operating bp-group and successful power station location with an energy production of 3200 megawatts offers IndustriePark Lingen these days to many specialists of the energy sector and energyintensive companies a home. At the location Lingen companies moreover produce with these main focuses: Energy production and energy supply, industrial oriented to process and chemical industry, metal production and treatment as well as machine construction.

Staff and education

The comparatively young population finds in the differentiated educational scenery with college, occupational academies, vacational schools, training colleges and technical colleges, educational centres of the craft as well as the adult education center with the further education organization for information technology excellent training centres and continuing education sites.

Since the 90s the College of Osnabrück is represented in the town Lingen (Ems) by the installation of different courses of studies in the economic and the communication field. The college location is extended steadily: Additional courses of studies in the meantime are installed or in planning. On the Campus Lingen are meanwhile more than 2000 students.

Promotion of enconomic development

We support you vigorously with the conversion of your ideas. The economic support of the town Lingen has decades of experience with the support of settlements – we help fast and uncomplicated. Of course we also help to find the service providers you need for the realization of your plans.

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Lingen (Ems) profits from a strong young and growing region. Here companies find ideal living conditions for their employees and find excellent educational institutions for their future professional forces: The college, the institute of binary...
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Dieter Krone

Dieter Krone

I'm glad to be able to enrich the ChemCoast network with our special location. The IndustriePark Lingen offers with his unusual concept of industrial islands in the park already many companies from the chemical branch exactly what they search. I look forward to lively debates within our network and your enquiries.

Dieter Krone Senior mayor of the city Lingen