IFF N&H Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Walsrode

IFF N&H Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Walsrode

IFF N&H Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Walsrode LogoAugust-Wolff-Str. 13
29699 Walsrode-Bomlitz

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Timm Heinkele
Public Affairs
Tel.: 05161 - 44 2100
Fax: 05161 - 44 14 2100
theinkele [at]

Location: Walsrode

About the company

Plug and Play in northern Germany

With a size of more than 320 acres the Industrial Park Walsrode (IPW) is one of the top locations for SMEs in northern Germany. The Industrial Park is located in the center of Europe, right in the middle of the triangle formed by Germany’s large northern cities Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen, linked to the seaports in Hamburg and Bremen and to two major motorways. Our Industrial Park Partners can select out of a wide range of services, all of them on demand and offered to competitive conditions. Qualified personnel is available and trained on-site. So our Industrial Park Partners have the necessary flexibility and independency to drive their business with all costs in mind. Today already four companies of the chemical and the plastics-processing industry indentified this advantage of location and are doing their international business from IPW- right in the heart of Europe.

Alf Wilkens

Alf Wilkens

Large and well situated, with an infrastructure and services that make the industrial site of Walsrode the premium of sites for chemical production, logistics and polymer processing.

Alf Wilkens Director Industrial Park