Covestro Deutschland AG

Covestro Deutschland AG

Covestro Deutschland AG LogoFährstraße 51
25541 Brunsbüttel

Contact person:
Jürgen Evers
Tel.: 04852/81 3411
juergen.evers1 [at]

Location: Brunsbüttel

About the company

Covestro Deutschland is a world wide active company, with core competencies in the business units coatings, adhesives and sealants, Makrolon® polycarbonate and polyurethanes. Our products are present in nearly all aspects of life.

As one of the biggest companies in the region, Bayer AG has been represented since 1973 in the economic area of Brunsbüttel. Since 1. September 2015, the company trades under Covestro Deutschland AG. 420 hectares of country between Elbe and Kiel-Canal are belonging to Bayer where today Covestro Deutschland as part of the Bayer-Group is producing Isocyanates. Covestro Deutschland is also operating an industrial park where are settled eight companies at the moment. Further settlements are negotiated.


Production main focuses

Covestro Deutschland is producing isocyanates as preliminary products for hard polyurethane-foamed material.

Victor Ortega

Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega