Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG

Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG

Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG LogoPazifik 1
26388 Wilhelmshaven

Contact person:

Andreas Bullwinkel 
Tel.: 04421/40980-12
Fax: 04421/40980-88
a.bullwinkel [at]

Location: Wilhelmshaven

About the Company

JadeWeserPort Logistics Zone GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for marketing the Wilhelmshaven freight village. The freight village at JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven covers an area of 160 acres immediately adjacent to the container terminal on Germany 's only deep-water port . Having everything close together waives the need to access remote hinterland logistics centres. This location provides all options needed for optimised connection with and integration into your logistics processes: a terminal for multi-modal transport; a 16-track formation sidings for maximum block length trains; a double track line connecting to the national rail network of Deutsche Bahn; traction from the Port Railway and private rail operators; direct road access to the A29 motorway without crossing any traffic lights.

Wilhelmshaven is currently on two of Maersk’s line services: the AE1 - line from Asia and the Seago Line feeder service linking to the Baltic States.

Location features

  • Areas  for trade and logistics
  • Excellent hinterland connections by road and rail
  • Direct connection between container terminal and freight village
  • Interconnection of port and logistics services in one location
  • Multimodal transports to Europe’s key distribution centres
  • Best seaward connections via short sea and deep sea traffic
  • Central border inspection post in the freight village
  • 18 metres water depth
  • Accessible independent of the tide
  • Attractive port tariffs
  • Port operations 24/7
  • Four berths for vessels of up to 430 m length
  • Short channel navigation - only 23 nautical miles to the German Bight pilot station
  • Heavy cargo areas at the Pier Project

Andreas Bullwinkel

Andreas Bullwinkel

The Wilhelmshaven location is ideal for chemical businesses and transshipment – for two reasons: the excellent availability of land and, in particular, because Wilhelmshaven knows how to handle chemical products.

Andreas Bullwinkel Managing Director