Traffic connection

These traffic connections speak for themselves

Honeywell Seelze Industrial Park is located in the heart of Europe. Seelze is around 15 minutes by car from Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, and is thus in the heart of Germany. Road, air, rail or sea – these traffic connections speak for themselves.

Transport/Traffic connections
Interstates A2 and A7 (approx. 5 km)
Train connection ja
Own industrial railroad ja
Next Train Station Seelze (< 1 km): Seelze has its own internationally known shunting yard The industrial park has its own connection to the German rail network. The site has around 5km of track
Next Airport 15 km Hanover
International Port n/a
Domestic Port Hanover "Brinker Hafen"
Honeywell Seelze Industrial Park has its own berths on the Mittellandkanal.
Resource Pipeline n/a

Standort Features

Detlef Schallhorn

Detlef Schallhorn

Seelze is the most important chemical location in the Hanover region. The chemical industry is also an integral part of the history and development of the town of Seelze. Further development of the Honeywell Seelze Industrial park will also continue with the help of the ChemCoast Initiative in good and time-tested collaboration between the companies and the town of Seelze.

Detlef Schallhorn The Mayor of Seelze