Make use of the tried and tested concepts and structures of the Industrial Park

Honeywell Seelze Industrial Park offers companies at the site an extensive range of services from which they choose exactly what they need.

Storage & Transport

  • 40,000 pallet storage spaces to store chemicals of various dangerous substance classes
  • Internal transportation to provide and collect raw materials and finished products
  • Picking and shipping of products
  • Professional incoming goods processing including customs processing, inventory control and inventory processes according to SAP standard methods

Health, safety & environmental protection

  • Environmental management for the entire Industrial Park
  • Safety and environmental management (specialised safety experts, waste and immission control, water protection, dangerous substance, radiation protection and incident representatives)
  • Site fire service and security service
  • Safety consulting, inspections and training
  • Authority management, e.g. trade supervisory authority
  • Occupational medical support
  • Product registration
  • Drawing up material safety data sheets


  • The latest traditional and instrumental analysis methods such as atomic spectroscopy
    (AAS, ICP), chromatography (HPLC, IC), mass spectrometry (ICP-MS, GC-MS, HPLC-MS),
    molecule spectroscopy (UV, IR, NMR), etc.
  • Clean room technology for ultra-trace analysis in the ppt range
  • Laboratory data management system

IT / Communication

  • Provision of a PC network and telecommunications system
  • Project management for IT projects
  • Consulting services for software implementation
  • Support for application issues and problems including a hotline service

Engineering & Automation

  • Project management and consulting for new projects
  • Process improvement of existing plants
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Permit management
  • Construction supervision and commissioning
  • Consulting, implementation and support for automation concepts
  • Workshops
  • Electrical control and measuring workshop for setup and maintenance of
    modern PCS-controlled plants
  • Piping and plastics workshop
  • Fitters’ workshop
  • Resource planning and external contractor management for all projects
  • Permits according to WHG, EN297, etc. HR, financial services and purchasing
  • Recruiting, payroll and comprehensive personnel management
  • Complete offering of services in the areas of finance and accounting as well as controlling; in conformity to US-GAAP and HGB standards.
  • Handling of all purchasing activities for raw materials, packaging, capital investments, spare parts and services.

Full service for chemical packaging

  • Consulting services for all packaging systems for laboratory chemicals, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and particularly for high purity chemicals
  • Extensive experience in development, definition of specifications, testing and optimisation – everything from a 5ml ampoule to a 20,000l tanker.
  • Development and maintenance of an extensive packaging database for rapid orientation.

Standort Features

Detlef Schallhorn

Detlef Schallhorn

Seelze is the most important chemical location in the Hanover region. The chemical industry is also an integral part of the history and development of the town of Seelze. Further development of the Honeywell Seelze Industrial park will also continue with the help of the ChemCoast Initiative in good and time-tested collaboration between the companies and the town of Seelze.

Detlef Schallhorn The Mayor of Seelze