Leisure activities

High standard of living and leisure just outside Hanover.

The standard of living and leisure in the region is very high. Accommodation, shopping, primary, secondary and further education, universities and colleges as well as a wide range of cultural and sporting activities – you will find everything you need for high living quality, all within a short distance at Hanover city.

Standort Features

Detlef Schallhorn

Detlef Schallhorn

Seelze is the most important chemical location in the Hanover region. The chemical industry is also an integral part of the history and development of the town of Seelze. Further development of the Honeywell Seelze Industrial park will also continue with the help of the ChemCoast Initiative in good and time-tested collaboration between the companies and the town of Seelze.

Detlef Schallhorn The Mayor of Seelze