April 2016

Chem-Logistics on the Iberian Peninsula in full swing

News Chemlogistics SpanienSince the beginning of 2016, Dachser has made its Chem-Logistics industry solution available to the chemical industry on the Iberian Peninsula and has been transporting hazardous goods within its own network in Spain and Portugal. The logistics provider has whipped a total of 48 branches of its Iberian subsidiary Azkar Dachser Group into shape for the transport of hazardous goods.

During this process, Dachser did more than merely comply with local statutory requirements. “Every single unit went through a specific internal audit based on sophisticated safety and quality management systems in the market,” says Arcadi Cano, Business Development Manager Chem-Logistics at the Azkar Dachser Group. Dachser’s goal is to provide the same quality throughout the entire European network. For example, a hazardous goods officer was trained for every single branch office, a rather unusual position in Spain. A total of 800 employees in Spain and Portugal have already received hazardous goods training; the first branch office is set to be evaluated in accordance with the internationally recognized Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) mid-year.

“There are many small service providers on the Iberian chemical logistics market who have neither an international network nor reliable standards across the entire supply chain,” says Michael Kriegel, Department Head Dachser Chem-Logistics. “We can now provide export-oriented customers direct and seamless access to Dachser’s European groupage network, which ships roughly 2.7 million shipments for the chemical industry every year.”

Renate Klingenberg

Renate Klingenberg

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