Traffic connection

The economic region of Brunsbüttel – a key location between central and northern Europe

From a transport point of view Brunsbüttel has very good connections to the highway, rail, waterways and airports and is located between the busy maritime routes of the Elbe and the Kiel Canal.


Transport/Traffic connections
Motorway A23
Railroad connection Industrial rail-link
Own industrial railroad available
Nearest train station Wilster (10km)
Freight terminal Itzehoe (22km)
Nearest airport Hamburg Airport (80km)
International Port Elbehafen Brunsbüttel
Hamburg Port
Domestic Port 2 canal ports in Brunsbüttel
Pipelines Crude oil pipeline Heide-Brunsbüttel
Ethylen pipeline Heide-Brunsbüttel-Stade

Standort Features

Stefan Mohrdieck

Stefan Mohrdieck

The city of Brunsbüttel welcomes the implementation of the ChemCoast Pipeline project, which provides an excellent marketing concept for the chemical location of Brunsbüttel securing existing jobs and establishing the basis for new jobs.

Stefan Mohrdieck The Mayor of Brunsbüttel